Other Resources

Resources that I have used at some stage and / or seen used. I hope the annotations are helpful. I hate being provided just a list of links with no explanation as to what each of them are.

Delicious - online bookmarking site; don't have your favourite sites bookmarked on your computer, keep them on the web for access from anywhere. Great site. Also has a 'public' option, which you could link to for extra resources for your classes.


Facebook: an ex-colleague has a page for a Chemistry class set up where he posts lots of youtube videos of experiments etc. I guess if the students are 'doing their homework' while connected to FB, then they might just watch it.

GCF Learn Free: Tutorials from 'Computer Basics' to MS Office programs. Also Maths & Reading

Kerpoof: create online animations, either movies or pictures. Especially useful in Primary - Middle School years.

IB Librarians' Continuum - Another site of good links etc.

ICTMagic - a wiki created by a science teacher in the UK with far superior ICT skills to mine, with many links to a range of possible tools for use in an educational environment. No annotations to the links, and so unless the names of tools are self-evident, it's a bit of a stab in the dark as to what they do or how they could be useful.

Inspiration - paid mind mapping software, but excellent. Allows the user to click between a mind map or outline view, so good for learners who prefer diagrams and pictures (mind map) or linear lists (outline). While I still prefer to plan on paper, my students love it.


Jing - screen capture tool. Free version gives five minutes of video.

Mind42 - Like Inspiration, but online for worldwide access, includes ability to post sticky notes. Markets itself as a mind mapping and collaboration tool.

My Stickies - put Post-It notes on websites to annotate as you go ... and then come back to them.

Prezi Presentation builder - 'without slides': I'm not convinced, I know some who love it, a lot hate it, especially the zooming and movement between information. One example from a student in 10 Commerce last year.

http://www.screenr.com/ (create video tutorials from screen recordings)

TimeToast Timeline builder: Year 7s loved it, Year 11s not so much, although they saw the benefits of having the timelines whereas the Year 7s just liked the ability to insert pictures.

Twitter: Lots of suggestions to use it, but haven't seen anything worthwhile that could be used in a high school classroom, they are mostly teacher to teacher tips and links, or forced tasks/activities - but I want answers longer than 140 characters! Perhaps useful as an infrequent summary exercise, but these could be uploaded onto the class blog / wiki / Moodle forum etc.

http://www.voki.com/ (create animated avatars from text/speech)

Wix - simple to create websites, and separate sites for mobiles. I used it recently as a revision site for my Year 12 Modern History class. They loved it. Two thirds of the class say they used it in the first week... (One drawback, no visitor counter)

Wordle - word clouds according to frequency of use. Nice & pretty, can be used for determining key words of a text, highlighting on noticeboards etc. Could be used to highlight the focus of a piece of writing.

Wordle: Moodle info